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Summer Activities in Vegas

As you are busy dozing off at your desk, you finally hear the heavenly sound you were yearning for—the last bell of the day which announces the school year’s end. Summer vacation just started! You quickly rush home, get rid of all your school materials and enjoy the peace. 

However, you soon realize you will need some activities to fill the long break. So without further ado, here are some fun activities around town that you can partake in with friends and family. 

To start, Cowabunga Bay is a popular destination for families around the valley. A reason for this is their most recent deal, which allows free entry if you have good grades. This means that your hard work would have paid off if you were a studious individual throughout the school year. This means that many students have the opportunity to have summer fun at no cost at all. 

If you prefer to enjoy other more laid-back activities, there are several jazz clubs around town. With carefree music, light refreshments, and good food, it allows for a more relaxing environment for you and your friends. A favorite from locals is the Maxon Jazz Club. It is around five minutes away from the strip and is known for its atmosphere and sushi. 

Also, many museums around town are worth going for a visit.  An example of this would be the Mob Museum. It contains the history of crime around the United States and is another local favorite. Other museums that are worth going for a visit include the Neon Museum, Springs Preserve, and Discovery Children’s Museum.

Adding on, Las Vegas also has many shopping centers for your spending desires. Many malls around the valley offer multiple stores for everyone in the family. These malls include the Fashion Show Mall and Towns Square. 

Finally, we can’t mention activities without mentioning the various shows around the strip! Shows are ranked as one of the most entertaining aspects of Las Vegas. The most famous ones are magic shows by David Copperfield and Criss Angel. 

So, instead of boring yourself at home all summer, there is something for every occasion in the valley. Make sure to wear sunscreen, stay away from the heat, and have fun!

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